About Us

We are the professional tour experts in Israel, experts in everything new and relevant, from agriculture to technology.
We are more than just tours, conferences, and academic events–priding ourselves on rising to any challenge. We aim to be a bridge between people, industries and worlds, creating hand-crafted business and professional tours that truly go the extra mile. We want our clients to learn more about Israel, seeing the security expert, the agricultural pioneer, the start-up revolutionary, and more.

What makes us special is our knowledge and our personal touch. We have in-depth insight into the country, and we listen closely to what each client is looking for in their tour. We then provide ultimate flexibility in creating and executing your package from end to end. We introduce professional knowledge and a deep familiarity with the area to your stay. We don’t treat our visitors as tourists, but craft high-end experiences which suit any group, providing a professionalism that takes your tour to the next level.